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The Red Avenger!!

stereotypical Dungeons and Dragons Communist Adventurer.
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Comrade Matt begins as a level one ranger: he dual weilds a hammer and sickle, and is also heavily armed with red ninja stars! His favored enemies are aristocrats, AKA elitist bourgeois capitalist pigs! MWUHAHAHAHA!

Comrade Matt's sorta like Robin Hood, only more extreme. He may possess the leadership feat, and soround himself with a well armed posse of peasants. --- disclaimer: i don't play DnD any more- it's too time consuming...

Kociol, Jul 13 2006


       Um, does *anyone* play Dungeons and Dragons any more?
DrCurry, Jul 13 2006

sninctown, Jul 13 2006

normzone, Jul 13 2006

       Maybe some Dung and Drag for me.
bungston, Jul 13 2006

       Don't worry, the halfbakery is twice as time-consuming...
RayfordSteele, Jul 14 2006


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