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Tales of Drakonas

An action-packed RPG game with a Very good plot twisting story.
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In the future, a new, corrupted, political party, the parthonians, have ruled earth with a strong dictatorship. The remaining political parties leaders mysteriously "dissapeared". A young engineer struck a TON of oil. The president "rewarded" this man with money and power, even though he ALSO "mysteriously dissapeared"(note:mysteriously dissapeared means killed). The pres. funded a team to discover new planets beyond the solar system, they had the money, they had the power, and they had enough oil. A planet named Drakonas was discovered. Drakonas is a 90% ocean planet twice the size of earth but very inhabitable, it has one island the size of Asia named Ajillas (after a legendary sea serpent that the inhabitants of the planet worship) because it is in the shape of the monsters head. The pres. signed a treaty with the Drakonian leader,Cerebrus. Cerebrus was the wisest creature in the world(including the rest of the drakonians) and wanted at all costs to avoid war.... Cerebrus was assasinated by an unknown warrior. The pres. cheated Cerebrus and had his armies standing by for what is NOW known as "The Slaughter of the Innocents" the Drakonians need 30 hr.s to summon there armys, but in only 19, 830 of the past 27 thousand remained.....They fleed and scattered to near planets. All who were feared to tell about the slaughter back on earth were killed and no one on earth earth new about it, they were told that it was inhabbited by harmful mean beasts who were preparing an attack on mankind. The president then had his mystrous bare child labor. Afraid that his new daughter,Jasmine, would later find out about the conspiracy, he sent her away with a foster family to the newly colonized Drakonas, when she was old enough she was told that her REAL parents were killed by the "evil" Drakonians. She later becomes a detective and on her free time, investigates her parents death, as she comes closer to the truth th pre-drakonians repopulated other planets and allied with other creatures to take there planet back and rid of the corrupted humans. Jasmine, who thinks her name is Jennifer Smith, enters the war ,along with many others, to get revenge on her parents death, not noing that here squad leader is her brother, a huge buff guy with NO sense of humar and the blindlines of his fathers wrong doings, he does everything his father tells him because he thinks his father loves him and is the only one who treats him the way he should be. What conspiracies and truths will jasmine find out in this Actioned packed RPG game?

The game will let u play as 4 different characters, each with there own style of play. You can play as Jasmine or her friend Carl ,who is sent with a few others, to asassinate drakonian generals on all out stealth Tenchu style missions. You can also play as Jasmines brother,Dante, leading massive forces to fight the HUGE Drakonian Land Warriors, who are classified as Lebraiuu:Large Ape-like creatures about 6ft.4 300 pounds, they have black and silver fur, lebreiuu with black fur equals Very Powerful, the ones with silver fur equals very wise and fast. The other type of land warriors are the Kurakaz. The Kurakaz are the most powerful creature in the universe, they are like centaurs, maybe 5ft.10 347 poundz. These are some of many ideas i have for the Land wqarriors you must fight against. Last but not least you can play as Carls father, Randy, in stragedy, you must examine the maps and find out where to send Dante and other troops, what they are equiped with, where to build camps, and other strategic plans similar to Command and Conquer. The style of leveling up is that of NBA Street, as Jasmine or Carl every mission has different ways of asassinating the target and finding hidden rooms and secret items. When you complete a mission, depending on the path's you chose and the value of the secret items u get u will recieve creation point's for eather bying new outfit's, new combo's and attacks, or making your character stronger. As Dante the number of creation point's u get will determine on how many enemies you killed, your condition,and the condition of your squad. As Randy, there are no Creation Point's. But depending on how well your stragedy worked and how many enimies were defeated your rank will go up to the next level(exp. Colonolto Assistant general). The higher athaurity and rank randy has the more availibility to other types of soldiers, weapons and and machines(exp. bomber planes and jets) you will have. There are 5 different abilities. Weapons:how accurate and skilled you are at using weapons, and Endurance:how much HP you have and how much damege you can take, The other 3 are special abilities. Stealth(only for jasmine and carl); depends how near you can get to an enemy without being detected, Mind(only for Randy): Gives you more time to plan stragedies and levels up your rank faster,and Rage(only for dante):How long Dante can go into rage mode(wich is also only for dante and makes him twice as powerful and fast) and how strong the Rage effect is when he uses it(note:Dante loses HP when in Rage Mode). And ,yes, for stragedy, plans DO back fire. You can send snipers to a hill to snipe patrols as they pass ,but they are unaware that those patrols have alerted others of your teams presence and have formed a large enough group to ambush your troops from a nearby forest at night before they head back to the nearest check point or camp. Well those are the most basic and importan facts about my idea for a game. Yo, if n-e-thing ain't spelled right, sry it's like 9:00 in da mo'nin and i'm rill tired and lazy.

myztik_legend, Jun 11 2003

RPG Maker 2000 http://antseezee.sp...m/rpgmaker2000.html
Try this. [Pseudonym #3, Oct 04 2004]


       With all due respect to your tender age, how is this a Halfbaked idea? Despite the detailed backstory, the actual game play seems to be lifted straight from a host of existing games.
DrCurry, Jun 11 2003

       You seem to be mixed up on the purpose of this site.   

       Try RM2K (see link), which I think you'll find suitable. As far as the 1/2B is concerned, however, RPGs are already very well baked, whatever the plot may be.   

       Good luck.
Pseudonym #3, Jun 11 2003

       //Last but not least you can play as Carls father, Randy, in stragedy, you must examine the maps and find out where to send Dante and other troops, //   

       I hate to push this back up to the top of the recent list. But I love the concept of "stragedy". A plan that backfires?
bungston, Jun 11 2003

       Despite the obvious, legend gets a bun for effort.
thumbwax, Jun 11 2003


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