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video game traffic controller

volunteer traffic controllers could be based on a video game
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Have you played an on-line game? I have for longer than I would like to say. I had rescently talked to a police officer about the thermo imaging "sensors" that were applied above the traffic signals in my home town. My proposition revolves around really inefficient traffic flow and the supernatural ability of some of the game players out there. If the sensors could generate an image on a video game symbolysing an approaching car at an intersection, than it could turn a real live problem into a challanging video game any person could play; the players would do the work of a traffic controller in most aspects. Of course there would be someone actually paid to over-see to make sure there are no real conflicts. The overseers would manually override any mistakes occationally, in case the connection failed, the player left the game to use the restroom, etc. and to actually report an immediate problem where law enforcement, ambulance or any apparent real life situation may arise.
reclaimbozeman, Nov 11 2010


       Welcome to the halfbakery!
sp: occasionally
xandram, Nov 11 2010

       I've known my share of gamers - you'd want them to pass some testing. The gaming idea that you get killed and then respawn would not be a good attitude to take to the job.   

       Although if they took pride in using exploits to help you get to work faster that could be useful ;-)
normzone, Nov 11 2010

       free workers, lower the cost of government spending, while letting ordinary people take more action in civil functions. thank you for welcoming me to the community, I wish it would be easier to get involved. has any one else noticed we have quite stagnant flows at peak periods. we could use more creative approaches to the problems we face in our culture.
reclaimbozeman, Nov 11 2010

       May I add that the bikers lanes in my town are not sensor friendly and have to be treated as a car. It's that to cross the street sometimes you would have to get off your bike, to go onto the sidewalk as so you can push the pedestrian cross button, or wait for a car to be sensed for the light to change. The game could get significantly more difficult to add bikes and pedestrians.
reclaimbozeman, Nov 11 2010

       I think that it would be much better implemented with several people playing cooperatively to check each other's work.
Alx_xlA, Nov 12 2010

       pretty interesting idea except the "volunteer" bit which is crap...   

       Now if it was only legible... or even close: I've honestly no clue what you were trying to convey in your last anno...
FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2010

       the extra credit part of the game is to allow the bicyclists to pass as well as perform the main traffic duties exceptionally.
reclaimbozeman, Dec 13 2010


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