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Correlative Advertising

Have you seen advertisements for two products/brands in one slot
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I am sure everyone would have observed some advertisements talking about tow products at the same time. This is a really nice way to advertise. According to my idea, brands/products targeting the same group of people should be aligned in such a way that the consumer feels comfortable with one line of products. For example, advertisement for a sporty looking car could go along with the advertisement for a music album, apparels for young people and an MP3 player. For example, TGI Fridays was advertising along with detergent dish washing soap recently. The line of advertisements need not only target a group of people, it can even target an event. This will make the advertisements more friendly and less annoying.
concept, Jun 09 2003


       Thinking about it though, this already happens, in a sort of coincidental manner. You're watching the European Cup Final, so you're probably a bloke. So the advertisers will try to sell you expensive razors, motor cars and beer. You're watching children's television? You're probably a child or a parent. So the advertisers will try to sell toys and nappies. You're watching a late night documentary about transsexuals? You're probably going to want to call a chat line, so you can meet "hundreds of girls" and you'll also want to find out about how you can solve your debt problems with one simple phone call.   

       Of course, it is entirely possible that I am misinterpreting your idea. Would it be possible for you to clarify what you mean by "advertisement for [x] could *go along with* the advertisement for [y], [z] and [the letter after z, that's ß, isn't it?]"
my face your, Jun 09 2003

       Baked. It's called "co-branding" and it's becoming a common advertising technique. [my face your] appears to be talking about everyday demographic targetting.
snarfyguy, Jun 09 2003

       hey, how about 'objective correlative' advertising? T S Eliot would be chuffed, I'm sure.
waistcoat, Jun 09 2003

       Yes - car commercials seem to be um, geared to Jones-keeper-uppers with anything resembling substance available only if you visit the showroom. I want to see the car inside and out, not extras walking in front of some mysterious monolith on wheels. As snarfydude states, co-branding/multi'branding is commonplace - though sometimes it's 'baked in the form of two 15-second commercials bookending the rest of the vapid unreal estate.
thumbwax, Jun 09 2003

       Let me try one such correlative sequence   

       ---0--- Find "no name stakes" at "Country Foods Super Store" ---o--- "Will's Fast food" around the corner from "Country Foods Super Store" ---o--- Drive Around and drive and drive through your favorite "Will's Fast food" in a the all new "Roaster All wheel drive minivan" ---o--- Best deals on All new "Roasters" at your local Roaster Dealer ---o--- Got a "Roaster All wheel drive", you got to have the Fish XM radio. ---o--- Listen to "WERT103.9". Now on extended broadcast over your Favorite Fish XM radio
concept, Jun 09 2003


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