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Beautiful / Ugly Contrast Makeup

Take the before makeup / after makeup picture a step further
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We've all seen those pictures of women before and after makeup showing plain looking gals being transformed into stunning beauties.

Since makeup can bring out the good features of a face and mask the bad, I'm assuming it can do the reverse as well. If a nose is a little big, add highlights and shadows to bring it out. Chin is weak? Instead of drawing a shadow to bring out the chin, highlight the fold to make it look even worse.

Then the interesting part, do one side ugly the other side beautiful.

Make a cool Halloween getup.

doctorremulac3, Jan 28 2015

Before and after makeup pictures http://www.likecool...dim--Pic--Gear.html
[doctorremulac3, Jan 28 2015]

And a couple of months later... https://www.youtube...watch?v=a4Ov8qvZ2_w
She says she got the idea from someplace else but dang, almost 17 million views. [doctorremulac3, Jun 25 2015]


       Most of of those girls are beautiful without makeup. And I personally find the plastic face look repulsive.
Voice, Jan 29 2015

       A Girl ..... with a face.... Would be nice.   

       What more can a faceless bureaucrat ask for ?
popbottle, Jan 29 2015

       What [Voice] said.
scad mientist, Jan 29 2015

       No matter how good the makup substances are, if they are badly applied, the result can be ugly. Any true artist with makeup substances can get either result.
Vernon, Jun 26 2015

       //[dr3] She's not uglifying the other half - just left if alone.//   

       Yea, it's half my idea. I think if she went the rest of the way and made the other half ugly she might get another 17 million hits. Highlight the fat under the chin instead of making it dark, that sort of thing.   

       Maybe I should hire a model and do it myself, it was my idea. Do you get any money from 17 million hits? Like thirty, forty bucks probably.
doctorremulac3, Jun 26 2015

       Why do you need to hire a model. Can't males use makeup? They do on stage... Politicians do when they go on TV...   

       If not, could you please inform my daughter about it. She continues to argue the point that today men and woman are the same about fashion and looks.
pashute, Jun 29 2015


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