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Couples' desk chair

Those that surf together, stay together.
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Often I will find some interesting art, humorous animation or similar oddity online that I wish to show her, or she may need help editing a college paper or I a story. While a simple solution might seem to be simply draw up another chair, this presents problems for storage and comfort, as a comfortable desk chair is not easily portable nor a folding chair regularly comfortable. The configuration of our house is also such that it is hard to have a glare-free line of sight and fit the second chair in the available space.

I propose a desk chair either wide enough for two averaged sized* people to cuddle next to each other or sporting some form of extendibility without aversely affecting comfort. Perhaps if the second chair back and seat could fold up like a movie theater seat and swung on a side hinge to the back (making the two back to back) when not in use. It would stick out a bit in the back, but still be convenient and more compact than many alternatives.

If this exists, I could not find it, but would be thankful if you could point it out.

*averaged sized in relative terms, as I know the majority of Americans are overweight. I'm talking two 5'6" to 6'2" people weighing 100 to 180 lbs.

P.S. Before the regular slamming occurs, I would like to say this is a product that could find a small, but present niche market, and I don't think cost would be too much higher than your average office chair.

JeremiahBritt, Dec 03 2004

Kneeling chairs http://www.officeorganix.com/GLBKneel.htm
Great for the back, on wheels, folds flat, cheap (though not necessarily from this link!). [wagster, Dec 04 2004]

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       I like it. I usually end up kneeling beside -- this will save my knees.
Coal Drag, Dec 04 2004

       Maybe we just need to get one, above-average sized chair, given that there is a lot of furniture now made for overweight Americans.
ywong, Dec 05 2004

       actually, minus the snuggling part, a compact seat arrangement such as a fold up seat on the side would work well for my sons who play games together on one computer
dentworth, Dec 05 2004

       What about a chair that could telescope sideway? This wouldn't work for an office chair with a central suport cos it would over balance when extended but a conventional chair with castors on each leg would work.
Belfry, Dec 05 2004

       [half]-for the balance issue, perhaps as the auxiliary chair extends right, the base chair slides left, to better centralize balance. A C shaped support for each }{ would better balance as well.   

       [ywong] The reason I'm unsure about just a larger chair is that much of the furniture I've seen for larger people is ergonomic, and I think you'd need identical twins of the svelte persuasion to perfectly fit in to a standard large but grove.   

       [Oniony] I thought about that when I was finding out that folding tables with built in chairs are baked. Having a built in chair that folded out may limit where one can put their computer tower, printer ect. under the desk. Also the a built in chair would probably become primary, not secondary, and people wouldn't feel like buying a second.
JeremiahBritt, Dec 05 2004

       I like this, for obvious reasons. (Or atleast, the at home model).   

       A love seat that would be high enough to be level with the table that the pc's would be sitting on. That way, if two bakers inhabited the same house, they could play side by side.   

       Rollers would be a plus, as we could kind of roll our way into the kitchen for a snack, and a sip, and then roll our way back. (Course a couple of walls would need to be removed, or we would have to travel sideways, but doable.)+
blissmiss, Dec 05 2004

       [blissmiss] You could push the chair sideways with your legs in order to get to the kitchen, but this is both inefficient and liable to cause muscle strain. Instead, powered wheels at one end, perpendicular to the direction you sit, and steerable wheels at the other, controlled by fold out handlebars also used for speed control and braking. Voila! Motorised snuggling couple snack retrieval unit.
Belfry, Dec 06 2004


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