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Cure for Virtual Pool

A bracelet that delivers a small electric charge & some watchful AI
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A new & terrible disease is sweeping the nation, for now (for want of a better name) we shall call it either Virtual (or Air) Pool, personally I blame the Wii.

The worst effected by this disease are of course those trying to watch the game when some berk jumps up & starts playing air pool in front of the TV.

Fortunately with a little ingenuity (& a quick flip through an old book on aversion therapy, c. 1970) I've developed a cure for this terrible malady.

Anyone displaying the symptoms of having contracted this affliction can be fitted with a small fashionably crafted bracelet.

Object recognition & AI software in combination with cameras & motion sensors situated strategically about the house then allow your PC to deliver a small shock from the bracelet should any suspicious prancing or pool like motions occur, thus after a short period of time (which may be variable, depending on the subjects stubbornness) the affliction is cured.

For particularly difficult subjects it may be necessary to enable the systems graduated scale, allowing the PC to increase the charge dependant on a scale involving the number of offences & elapsed time since last offence.

Skewed, Aug 31 2014

Because ;p Cue_20for_20Virtual_20Pool
[Skewed, Aug 31 2014]


       Also - cure for virtual poo: removes crap from your hard-drive.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 31 2014

       So a virtual enema, or a virtual laxative?
Skewed, Aug 31 2014


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