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Personality Implants

If beauty can be more than skin deep, why not cosmetic surgery
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Ok this is what I'm thinking. Cosmetic surgery for your personality: generosity implants, have your arrogance tucked or even your outrage lifted...

People can check in personality clinic nurses of a sunny disposition (surgically enhanced) help them through brochures that have pictures of "nice", "kind to animals" etc in them.

They make their choice, go under the knife, have to walk arround with their head in bandages for days (just for effect you know), then emerge a new person.

imagooAJ, Oct 19 2000


       You really think total recall was better than blade runner....
imagooAJ, Oct 19 2000

       This is actually more like the Budayeen of 'When Gravity Fails' by George Alec Effinger. 'Everybody' is chipped for personality modules <'Moddies'> and skill addons <'daddies'>.   

       Moddies can be real recordings of a person <one of the most popular is 'Honey Pilar' , a porn star> or constructions of dead or fictional characters. <Murderer in the book uses James Bond, Jack the Ripper and Ghengis Khan; the good guy uses Nero Wolfe.>   

       Daddies give you the skill they're designed for. Mostly non-physical things like languages or reference.
StarChaser, Oct 19 2000

       The book said they were originally intended as psychiatric aids but had been taken over by the entertainment industry.
StarChaser, Oct 20 2000

       Could I get one of these implants to work in reverse? I'd really like to replace my overweening niceness with a strong megalomaniacal streak.
1percent, Apr 02 2001

       I had one done a few years ago. Gimme that banana, you Sack-Bottomed Gorilla Faced Ape.
thumbwax, Apr 03 2001


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