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cat tail dusting

furniture strategically arranged to be dusted by cat's tail
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By clever choice and arrangement of furniture (and cat(s)) the domestic cat's tendency to swish its tail is employed to dust furniture, monitors, widows, etc.

Noticed cats sometimes inadvertently dust furniture with tails. By placing tables at tail level, and cat-perches in strategic places, cat's swishing tail acts as a natural duster.

wod_observer, Aug 03 2010

The Secret Life of Dust http://www.bookpage...cret_life_dust.html
Required reading [csea, Aug 03 2010]

Another Possibility or Two http://www.google.c...=3&ved=0CC8Q8wIwAg#
I Could Get the Top of My Refrigerator If... [Grogster, Aug 03 2010]


       oops there goes another china ornament.   

       fluffy tends to dust my face more often than not.
po, Aug 03 2010

       I applaud your insight to adjust the furniture to the cats rather than vice-versa.   

       However, most cats will contibute more in dander and shedded fur than they remove in other dust.   

       Dusting as a general practice may remove the larger particles, but just serves to send aloft the tiny particles that contribute to allergies. [link]
csea, Aug 03 2010

       Great. Now I have to get a cat that's as big as the top of my bookcase.
Cedar Park, Aug 03 2010

       maybe a 7.1 surround sound system with a panning recording of the can opener in order to direct kitty's efforts?
Cedar Park, Aug 03 2010

       More efficient to take the works out of the cat and just keep the outside bit to make a "duster glove".   

       We will be pleased to demonstrate to you how this is done.
8th of 7, Aug 03 2010

       Excellent, [8th], see [link] for a book you would enjoy. I had my copy bronzed and is displayed proudly on the mantelpiece. The kitty, once it is, uh, "conditioned for service" would be a much more useful utensil. (Kitties who qualify for The Kitty Olympics would of course be exempt from service until they retire...)
Grogster, Aug 03 2010


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