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DDR Recorder

make your own songs to your own music
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For those of you who don't know, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) is an extremely popular dancing game where you step to the beat on 4 different squares for a grade.

In some home versions of DDR (DDRMax2), you can record steps to one of the songs, and then save them. However, you have to manually set freeze arrows.

The DDR Recorder would be a third party tool that hooks up to your computer and PS2 via USB port. You plug in the tool and insert the PS2 memory card. Using the on-screen, visual guide, you can make the grahpics and tune for the song. When you're done, unplug it, pop the memory card into your PS2, and then plug the tool into your PS2's USB port, located under the controller ports. (The tool would multi-function.) There would be an extra feature at the startup screen that says "DDR Recorder". When you choose it, a dancing screen with your custom music and background pops up. Listen to the music, and start dancing. The steps will record. When you want to stop, push Start. The recording automatically ends after the song ends. After that, you get to see a diagram of the arrows you made. Next step is determining the BPM. There would be an automatic generator, but it could be inaccurate. If it is, you'd have to hit the X button 4 times to the beat of the music. Next up would be the arrow viewing. This would be like the recording screen, but you see the arrows. If satisfied, you can test out the song. Remember, you can make different stepfiles for Beginner, Light, Standard, Heavy, Challenge, or Double. An automatic calculator would decide the difficulty.

All of this would take MUCH shorter than having to manually design the stepfiles, syncing the BPM, and hooking up a dance pad to your PC so you can play your custom song.

Some features include manual editing (in case you make a mistake), mass step adjustments (make each step a quarter beat), and more.

Nemmy, Jan 12 2005

http://www.ddruk.com Nemmy's link as a link. [jutta, Jan 16 2005]


       This is a really good idea, you should patent it. I recommend a possibility to manually edit your step-recording in case you make a mistake.
zeno, Jan 12 2005

       I forgot to put that in. I'm going to edit right now.
Nemmy, Jan 12 2005

       great idea, you should even host the best ones on a website somewhere so people can swap (if people aren't doing this already).
P.S. are you from Notorhead?
neilp, Jan 13 2005

       No...where ever that is.   

       There are people that are swapping their songs. The best collection can be found on http://www.ddruk.com. You can get just about every song in the real DDR games, plus many fan-made songs.
Nemmy, Jan 13 2005


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