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Make music by moving

The possibilities of Natal etc.
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Microsoft's Natal technology for the Xbox 360 should be great for dance games. Think DDR but without the mat and with a camera that can monitor your entire body. But that's too obvious...

My idea is to use the system (or anything similar) to *create* music. Stamping your feet could create a drum beat while your hands could work like with a theremin. Or whatever body part to instrument mapping you like - even air guitar! You could be able to set parts looping to make things easier (and allow more complex, layered works) or you could try to do a different thing on each foot and arm for a real challange. The group possibilities could be really fun!

inabsentia, Sep 06 2009

(?) David Rokeby's installations http://homepage.mac.../installations.html
[jutta, Sep 06 2009]

John Brunner the Shockwave Rider: Coley Group http://www.technove...ontent.asp?Bnum=928
[jutta, Sep 06 2009]


       Google is your friend.
FlyingToaster, Sep 06 2009

       Or, alternatively, a grounding in 80ies/90ies performance art and/or science fiction. But that's not as fun to say.   

       If I'm allowed a prediction here - this isn't going to be "fun", unless you fake the hell out of people and radically reduce their options of play. (They'll think they're playing, but actually have very little influence.)   

       Why? Playing music is hard; playing together with other people is hard. I'd watch a ballet of trained dancers that create their music, but I don't think my own hopping around would sound good without a lot of practice.
jutta, Sep 06 2009


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