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Hot Pants Hot Pants Revolution

Up, Down, Left, Pole!
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Learn how to dance like a stripper with your PS2. With new pole attachment the Dance Dance Revolution video game becomes an amazing learning tool... Wow your friends: now you work the pole like mommy did! Yay! Less tasteful than the original, but a million times more useful. Need extra cash? Learn how to strip with Hot Pants Hot Pants Revolution.
Blumster, Apr 11 2005


       [sp] attachment.

Is there a bonus game where you have to twirl your pasties?
AfroAssault, Apr 15 2005

       I can't possibly say no.
shapu, Apr 15 2005

       I hear the arcade version is much better, and the crowd will often donate quarters.
Worldgineer, Apr 15 2005

       mmm... strippers!   

       God's gift to the male condition. besides the fact that you can't fuck them...   

       for less than a few bills...   

       And if I really did want to end it all, I'd take a few strippers with me, cause their life sucks pretty bad too, you know.
daseva, Apr 15 2005

       That's not funny [Rom]. Did you learn about the terrible life that strippers have by watching television? My guess is that most strippers don't want or need your pity and certainly don't need your threats.
Worldgineer, Apr 15 2005

       Mff. Hehe. [AfroAssault] said, "bonus". Hehe.
reensure, Apr 15 2005

       It is very difficult for those without certain gifts (natural or acquired) to learn how to be a stripper. I can see this as a valuable tool to educate the large, old, homely and male among us in the arts of exotic dance. One croissant, tucked in your garter belt.
bungston, Apr 15 2005

       I knew a stripper who worked a white-collar (rich businessmen, no touching) type club and made RIDICULOUS money. She bought a nice big house by herself at 20 or so.
disbomber, Apr 15 2005


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