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Splash Splash Revolution

Floating DDR
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(intro: Dance Dance Revolution is an interactive video game where you have to dance on a square mat in time to music in order to win each round and progress to the next round. The music gets faster and faster, and as you struggle to hit the proper footpads at the right times, you end up doing a cool dance with twists and fancy combination moves.)

Some people are way too good at this game...

Hence I propose a floating version. A buoyant dance pad which floats in a swimming pool should add enough instability that experts will find their dexterity challenged in order to stay balanced.

Wireless signals will connect the waterproof dancepad with the video monitor which rests on the swimming pool's rim.

The underside of the dancepad has propellers which move the dancepad around in the water, too, in time with the music. This makes an error, or more likely, a splash, even more common.

phundug, Jan 02 2004


       VERY nice, [phundug] ... unfortunately, I can only hit the croissant button once ... [+]
Letsbuildafort, Jan 02 2004

       I want the junior bathtub model.
FarmerJohn, Jan 02 2004

       the visuals I am getting from this are too funny. Croissant for you! [+]
insertnamehere, Jan 04 2004




       And the people on the screen could be mermaids or something!
spacecadet, Jan 04 2004

       And if that proves too easy, add wave generators for that dual slop action.
benjamin, Jan 05 2004

       ... and if they get used to the wave generators, just try buttering the dancepad. (+)
dobtabulous, Jan 05 2004

       I aint gonna play but +1 nevertheless
po, Jan 05 2004


       Its cool i suck so if there really good the get in the water and I stay on solid ground like to see them beat ME NOW!!! HAHAHAHAHA. [+]
John_R_123, Mar 05 2004


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