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Full body DDR

Have a suit that records/interprests body-postures
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FYI[ Dance Dance Revolution, DDR, is a game where you have a four buttoned/padded dance mat that you must push per a set pattern placed on the television screen. Points are awarded based on how accurate you are on which buttons you press and how close to the beat you press them]

The idea:

Have a suit that not only senses where you step (inertia sensors or IR tracking), but also where the rest of your body goes... I've seen far too many River-dance DDR masters that aren't as fun to watch as the "|\| 0085" that flail their arms wildly (And those guys ARE fun to watch). It would add a whole new level to the game, as well as allowing the game to tie the music to the dance moves associated with it (The point with Disco music... The Egyptian walk with "Walk like an egyptian"... breakdancing?)

jong-scx, Oct 27 2004


       In Virtual Reality and animation, what you're looking for exists and is called a "bodysuit". In home market gaming, companies seem to (wisely, in my opinion) focus on less expensive and less cumbersome (for the player) camera-based technologies.   

       The Playstation Camera-based package of games that came out last year was disappointing, and relied on very simple concepts - making a big movement, touching an area - that couldn't be called gestures. I've seen some other games that tried to recognize "kung fu" style fighting moves, but I didn't get them to work enough to judge whether this was really a "move" you could make or just a question of how quickly you duck.
jutta, Oct 27 2004

       Maybe a large, transparent plastic sphere with flat floor and sensitive inside wall?
FarmerJohn, Oct 27 2004


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