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Using the ultrastar software... for guitar hero purpose.
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By modifying the open source "singstar like" software called ultrastar, you can play a real guitar, drum, flute... etc.

This is by hooking a microphone to the instrument.

If you have multiple separate microphone input, you can practice an actual song as a band.

Unlike gitar hero, it would require people to bring their own equipments. This means opensource is really the only way for this idea to work.

This is likely to become popular as it will definitely help people improve in playing their favorite music, through computerized feedback.

Oh... and if people become good enough, they can upload their scoring and their recording. ("However to prevent cheating, try also requiring web cam upload ."

mofosyne, May 31 2008

Ultrastar wikipage http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UltraStar
[mofosyne, May 31 2008]


       MIDI files are pretty baked, though you have to have a "MIDI Mixer" to "-1" an instrument track.
FlyingToaster, May 31 2008

       This is not a midi player, rather its a pitch sensing game... Where you try and play to the correct notes using real instruments. And the computer ranks your ability.   

       I might not have made my idea clear enough though.
mofosyne, Jun 01 2008

       A large number of years ago I used to demo Portasound keyboards: a couple models had cards with a magstripe on it: it would play all the accompaniment; you had to play the correct notes before the song would continue... sounds like much the same thing, except yours is alot more versatile.   

       I know *alot* of singers I'd like to introduce the concept of "pitch" to.
FlyingToaster, Jun 01 2008

       Yeah, its really a pity that ultrastar is not mandatory for wannable singers from youtube.   

       Perhaps we can try installing ultrastar as a youtube filter, that bans people from singing if they suck too much. ;)
mofosyne, Jun 02 2008


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