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Hands-free shaving

Shave, without hands
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Last year I grew a beard because my bathroom light broke.

Perhaps I should explain more. I am a fundamentally lazy person. I like to stay in bed. Hence, I never find time to shave in the morning. Without a bathroom light, it became difficult to shave in the evening.

I suppose that I am not the only other person who finds it difficult to make time to shave first thing in the morning. With a portable, hands-free shaving kit, this arduous task can be performed while doing something else, e.g. walking/driving to work, typing, participating in a meeting, etc.

I envisage this to be akin to a neck holder for a harmonica. The razor is affixed to the holder, directly in front of the wearer's face. They then push their face forwards, move it up & down and from side to side, until they are cleanly shaven.

In case the wearer needs to be able to see their face while shaving, there will also be a clip or slot to which a mirror can be affixed.

This would be most ideally suited as an adaptor for a cordless electric razor, but could in theory hold any razor, corded, wet or otherwise. Maybe not a cut-throat blade actually, except for expert users or the foolhardy.

-alx, Apr 11 2007


       Hello there! Croissant, especially if the razor element can be removed and the mounting repurposed as a chocolate-delivery mechanism.
calum, Apr 11 2007

       This is pretty halfbaked as moving one's face up and down would give a not-so-clean-shave; so in that light--have a fuzzy bun. +
xandram, Apr 11 2007

       Hah, great idea.   

       Hopefully it can double as a harmonica holder so I can sing my "Cutthroat Blues"   

       Woke up this mornin I couldnt see myself   

       Yea I woke up this mornin The lights was broke I could not see myself   

       Strapped on my razor to give me a trim   

       Now I'm in sleepin forever And they're singin' my Cutthroat hymn   

       *Pentatonic bendfest*
Night, Apr 11 2007

       If you're that lazy, get your face waxed!
DrCurry, Apr 11 2007

       You shave in the morning?
nuclear hobo, Apr 11 2007

       holy jesus this sounds treacherous [+]
lilsis, Apr 12 2007


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