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Dendritic sugar

Extra sweet sugar due to surface area
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Nestle recently patented a method of reducing sugar content by 40% without reducing sweetness by making the grains hollow. They could've gone further than this by making sugar crystals of the same volume but repeatedly branched in order that they dissolve in saliva of another liquid such as coffee more thoroughly and rapidly. Hence my suggestion. Even so, I'm not aware whether sucrose, or any other sugar for that matter, can be induced to crystallise dendritically.
nineteenthly, Dec 01 2016

(nontopical) plant based contraceptives https://www.quora.c...__snid3__=545923418
[beanangel, Dec 02 2016]


       It can't be both dissolved and dendritic at the same time.
Vernon, Dec 01 2016

       First they are dendritic. Then they dissolve. More thoroughly. And rapidly. \   

       It seems like the easiest yet would be to make the grains extremely small. You can make things extremely small by grinding them.
bungston, Dec 01 2016

       //make things extremely small by grinding them.   

       ^ except grinding machines, it would be too recursive.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 01 2016

       Some things can be made smaller by grinding them but please don't deprive me of my sweet little trees, until I decide to destroy them with coffee.
nineteenthly, Dec 02 2016

       "Nestle recently patented " I am so relieved, this was almost an idea that I put up on the .5b, which was hollow salt. I think I skipped posting about hollow sugar, not sure though.   

       do you think they have thought of sucralose core hollow sugar yet? that way when the sprinkles dissolve they are sweeter than sugar.   

       Also, [nineteenthly] I think you once wrote about contraceptive plants, noting laser. Apparently there are a bunch of these. the nontopical [link] is to a quora discussion on that
beanangel, Dec 02 2016

       This won't help you if take 2 teaspoonfuls. A 1/2 a teaspoon dissolved quicker won't take the same edge off. So not extra sweet but rather a clever disintegration.
wjt, Dec 03 2016


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