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mostly not sugar

1/10 real sugar 9/10 fakee
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I've found that mixing a tiny amount of real sugar with the fake stuff takes the nasty after taste away. Why don't they market this?
futurebird, Jul 18 2001

For [zippy].
Ingredients of Pepsi One [angel, Jul 18 2001]

Could some of us be supertasters? http://www.sneakyki...rum/supertaster.htm
Some people have a wider taste range than others and the term for this is "supertaster". [Aristotle, Jul 18 2001]



       You could try sucralose, which is made from sugar.
VeXaR, Jul 19 2001

       It's good to cut your sugar with a little heroin.
snarfyguy, Jul 19 2001


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