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Mushroom shaped marshmallows
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I did consider calling them mushmallows, but I think marshroom sounds better.

They'll come in the typical marshmallow size and the mini-size too.

macncheesy, Jun 16 2008

Strawberry Marshrooms http://www.bagofswe...iew_Type=SweetThumb
baked [Spacecoyote, Jun 16 2008]

I like it, but they are baked!(same product, different link) http://www.chocolat...ol.html#28796X82317
[xandram, Jun 17 2008]


       dude... brilliant! they should have some with long stems so that you can make some art to look like tripin shrooms lol
wuhisn, Jun 17 2008

       I guess the only thing not baked about it is the name. Is that enough to keep it alive?   

       Opinions from the elders please.
macncheesy, Jun 19 2008


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