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Readable Rock

Each one tells a different story
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Rock at the seaside tends to have the name of the place you bought it running through the centre. Blackpool is a famous example.

Perhaps as you eat the rock the message could change, giving you more information about the place, a little story or maybe even images like some kind of sugary comic book stick!

Helixthecat, Nov 20 2006

Blackpool Rock http://www.ukstuden...Blackpool/Rock2.jpg
Obligatory reference photo. [jurist, Nov 20 2006]

(?) For [po]://new way to make the rock// http://www.henheave.../Blackpool-rock.jpg
Sugar-glue these slices together into one rod for a readable memento of a Blackpool shopping trip. [jurist, Nov 20 2006, last modified Nov 21 2006]


Chefboyrbored, Nov 20 2006

       See the [link], Chef.
jurist, Nov 20 2006

       Nice. I wouldn't eat it, but it's a fun idea. It belongs in a spy novel or something.
Shz, Nov 20 2006

       you'd have to devise a new way to make the rock. any ideas?
po, Nov 20 2006

       POWs could get red cross rock maps to escape from enemy mountain top castle prisons!   

       make the rock the normal way, each with different images, and then stick them together to make one stick.   

       I dont know how practical that is. I went to a rock factory once, but i was more concerned about getting to the shop part.
Helixthecat, Nov 20 2006

       Thank you Jurist.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 20 2006

       Perhaps I should rename it readable rock candy?
Helixthecat, Nov 21 2006

       //Perhaps they could put the //miranda rights on our version of "rock" which happens to be crystal methamphetamine//   

       Or crack, which is also nicknamed "rock" sometimes.   

       But then, coke is sometimes called candy.....   

       To be honest, drugs are often named after common substances......
webfishrune, Nov 21 2006

       //Perhaps I should rename it readable rock candy?//   

       Unfortunately, 'rock candy' is taken. It is crystallized sugar, usually on a stick, and wouldn't work well for this idea. Love these trans-atlantic naming differences.
Shz, Nov 21 2006

       "Rock" must be an English thing. I was confused along with Chef. What we need is a Halfbakery rock.
MoreCowbell, Nov 21 2006


       Useful names for things: The US name for this stuff is just "hard candy". The general technique of layering noodles of colors in materials like glass or clay is called "millefiory". Getting regular and legible results is trickier than it looks.   

       The video for Peter Gabriel's "Sledge Hammer" did some - visual, not verbal - storytelling via gradual change of pictures in clay.   

       You could make spherical eco-candy that displays the results of more and more global warming, the longer you suck on it. Green apple? [Wow, Ling, I really like your version, below, too. A candy model of a human heart!]
jutta, Nov 21 2006

       there could be layerd flavours so it gets hotter as you suck too.
Helixthecat, Nov 22 2006

       How about making a human body version, and see the various structures appear as you gradually eat away the outer layers?
Ling, Nov 22 2006

       the final message would read: " Your teeth are in the jar" +
xenzag, Nov 22 2006

       Yeah, part of the label is always left behind. maybe the labels could be made from sugar too. It wouldnt be so bad then.
Helixthecat, Nov 24 2006

       Sprinkle with CatNip & I will eat most stuff
The Kat, Nov 24 2006


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