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Sweetness-Free Sugar

Antithesis of sugar-free sweetener
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I like my coffee the way it's supposed to be enjoyed - strong, black, and without sugar. However, on occasions when I'm feeling the need for a particuarly potent "pick-me-up", I force myself through the sickly sweetness of a few teaspoons of sugar added to my long black. The extra kick is usually worth it.

I propose an alternative substance that would "augment" a cup of coffee in a similar way to sugar, without the sweetness. It would be available in sachets (alongside the packets of sugar) in cafes the world over. The substance of course would be completely legal, and of similar strength to sugar - i.e. not an illicit substance such as speed, etc.

Achenar, Aug 07 2005

Glucose http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucose
From the Wikipedia; WAY more than you need to know to get through a cup of coffee. Most importantly, commercial grades are only 2/3 as sweet as table sugar. [reensure, Aug 07 2005]


       Most people call that Brandy.
jurist, Aug 07 2005

       Perfectly doable. There are many sugars, ranging from fructose (173% as sweet as table sugar) to lactose (only 16% as sweet). Complex sugars (polysaccharides) tend to be less sweet. For instance, starch, glycogen and even fiber are polymer forms of simple sugars (usually glucose). With the exception of fiber, they’re broken down by the body and burned as sugar, but don't have a sweet taste.
ldischler, Aug 07 2005

       This accentuates the body's need for soluble fiber -- I'm not sold on the need for sucrose, though.
reensure, Aug 07 2005


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