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Perforated Sugar Cubes

For easy measuring
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I drink my tea plain most of the time, but sometimes I like a bit of sugar. Sugar cubes are great because they aren't messy and are pre-measured, but for me most of the time they are too big. I propose sugar cubes with thin bits on them where you can break them. Maybe they could have little measurements molded onto them. This could also be useful for bakers (not halfbakers) by making it easier to measure sugar. Just break it into pieces and drop it in.
-----, Nov 30 2004


       funny, you CAN buy sugar in a very small teeny weeny size and then you add as many as you want.   

       sorry, 5 little dots.
po, Nov 30 2004

       this is different than various size sugar cubes because you only nead one size for everybody. You just break it. Or you could do it chocolate bar style: one slab separated into parts.
-----, Nov 30 2004

       There could be sugar cubes shaped like menger sponges, they'd dissolve instantly and have effectivly no sugar content.   

       So depending on how you look at it you have loads or no sugar in your tea.   

       Only slightly impossible.
Helixthecat, Nov 20 2006

       there is already such a thing as perforated sugar cubes, Its called LSD, so be careful everything may become more perforated than you want them to be.
Ozzy, Nov 21 2006

       Why, I have been quoted!!! Do I get my HB TShirt now?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 21 2006


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