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Disposable bathtub liner

Never clean the bathtub again
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I hate cleaning the bathtub, I thought it would be cool if I had a package of bathtub liner that came, with say, 50 or so sheets, and after I took a shower could just rip out the liner throw it away, and ta-daa, bathtubs clean again.

Great for house guest.

sin, Feb 02 2001


       Not to mention the Cat in the Hat!
RobGraham, Feb 02 2001

       I love it - They make cat box liners - why not? EXCELLENT! Could we also make liners for the wash basin, toilet, sink(s)., etc. I think you are on to a truly excellent idea.
chili2k, Feb 02 2001

       I know NASCAR drivers use this kinda stuff for their windshields. Rather than squeegee-ing it during each pit stop, they place about a half-dozen thin clear sheets over the driver's side windshield for tearing off.   

       And why settle for a white enamel bathtub. With this idea, I want some kind of reptile scale pattern on mine, for that shedding feeling.
Wes, Feb 02 2001

       It is a great idea, but how cost-effective is it? Within the last few years, widely available commercial products have appeared that offer to clean your bathtub with just a squirt, squirt of the pump. It's probably corrosive and horrible, but it does work. That's even easier than using liners. I'm a clean bathtub freak, and this thing has been really good to me. Trouble is, I still think, "This can't possibly work." So I pull out the Comet and there I go. Bathtub liners would at least alleviate all doubt.   

       God, I'm pitiful.
rachele, Feb 04 2001

       We live in a disposible society, our landfills are full and your looking to ad more to them because you can't be bothered to clean the bathtub. Ever think of hiring a cleaning lady?
inspain, Aug 11 2001

       We live in a disposable society, our landfills are full and your thinking of adding more to them because you can't be bothered to clean the bathtub. Ever think of hiring a cleaning lady?
inspain, Aug 11 2001

       There is already a product used to coat WC pans before despatch. It's sprayed on like paint (dull grey usually but I'm sure that could be changed if demand existed) and simply peeled off when the products reach the showroom, or sometimes left in place till all building work is complete. Been around in the UK since the early 1970s to my knowledge. Presumably it could be made available for home use. Indeed it might make sense to stick with the grey version so you don't need to peel it every time, just once a week. Trouble is it would be about as dumb as that 'car bra' that some car owners use to protect the paintwork from chipping. They work, but the person who bought the smart looking car never gets to see it - the pleasure of its pristine paintwork is reserved for the next owner.
Mygo, Oct 18 2001

       I am looking for this! I rent and my tub isn't sanitary because of chips in the porclin. The landlord doesn't have to do anything about it, and the housing market is bad (can't move). I wont allow my 10 month old baby to use it because of bacteria storted inside the tub from literally hundereds of tenents feet. The fagela, germs, and other organisims people carry on their bodies, can be very harmful. Since I am unable to adequitly clean the tub my large 28 pound infant is confined to playing in a small tub. The product could be disposable (a recyclable grade of plastic) or reenforced vinal: I need this product; I think many people do.
tab, Jan 29 2004


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