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Toe Flossing Bath Chains

grind chains and clean between the toes
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Toe Flossing Bath Chains are two extra chains provided at the end of the bath on either side of where the plug is located.

Unlike the chain which is used for pulling up the plug, these ones are firmly anchored at both ends, using the special heat and water resistant epoxy glue that comes in the kit. They begin above the normal water level and terminate near the bottom of the bath, hanging loosely, waiting for someone to have a bath.

To use, one simply manoeuvres one foot until the chain bisects the gap between each of the toes in turn, raising and lowering the leg to create a flossing action. (I usually do this with the bath plug chain, but there is little satisfaction to be achieved as the plug is so easily pulled out with the action, causing the loss of gallons of the precious hot water.)

Toe Flossing Bath Chains come as a set, containing: the already mentioned fixing glue, and a variety of link options, ranging from smooth and narrow to heavy gauge abrasive. (for those who have tons of dead skin and other junk between their pinkies) The chains are easily removed for cleaning purposes (boiling in caustic soda?) and can be snapped back unto their fixed anchors for the next bath.

There's little in life more rewarding than a good toe flossing session.

xenzag, Sep 25 2012

A BDSM version http://www.sawchain...alon_chainsaws.html
Would need repackaging. [TomP, Sep 26 2012]




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