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Scrubbing Post

for that unreachable spot on your back
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When im taking a shower, i always find it difficult to scrub that one spot on my back. with a normal sponge of pouf, i cant reach it. those sponges on a stick make it very annoying and i often drop the stick. my solution is a cylindrical scrubber (to fit the crevice of your spine)that is mounted to suction cups. this is then stuck directly to the wall of your shower at the correct position for the problem spot on your back. now to reach that tricky spot on your back, all you have to do is lean against the scrubber and scrub away! heck, you might as well use it for your whole back while you clean the rest of your body by hand with another sponge...cutting some time off your shower and saving some water.
IcarusByNight, Apr 02 2006




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