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Teflon Tub

The death of soap scum
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Everyone hate’s soap scum and it’s a problem, which is very hard to stop, and a pain to clean it off when it builds up. Therefore I propose the Teflon tub. A bathtub with a non-stick Teflon coating. Thee scum can’t stick to the sides and thus doesn’t build up but just washes away. Problem solved.
talen, Jan 07 2003

Dimpled Teflon thing http://www.halfbake...0Table_20Protectors
[egbert, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bond Girl Urban Legend http://www.snopes.c.../films/goldfing.htm
Somewhat off-topic, but related to [talen]'s own reference in the discussion thread. [cswiii, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I'd rather it stuck on the tub than my skin. Plus, it's hardly difficult to clean off soap scum. Have you never heard of Jif? Sorry, Cif.
sild, Jan 07 2003

       You still have to scrub. Maybe I should stop using Flash. I've actually come up with an amusing advert for them that involves the changing of the words in the Queen song Flash. Flash Arha Multipurpose cleaner…   

       And besides soap scum just rubs off with your dead skin when you get dried.
talen, Jan 07 2003

       Fair enough. You have someone who dries you? Is it a Swedish bathroom assistant? I could do with one of those. Think I might need a Teflon tub then, if you know what I'm saying.
sild, Jan 07 2003

       Hm...extra slippery bath tub.
half, Jan 07 2003

       Extra big hey. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Innuendos are fun.
talen, Jan 07 2003

       You would probably slip and fall in your teflon tub, likely chipping one of your teflon teeth.
cswiii, Jan 07 2003

       <Tweety>He don't know me vewy well, do he?</Tweety>
I guess I should be less oblique. That was intended as a safety concern, [talen].
half, Jan 07 2003

       I see. Well we could put some of those bumpy bath mats in to give it extra grip.
talen, Jan 07 2003

       And how would they stick to the non-stick surface? Perhaps a dimpled surface would prevent ankle slide, as per my non-stick coaster <link>.
egbert, Jan 07 2003

       It would have to be a Teflon coated bumpy bathmat or soap scum’s gonna stick to it.   

       It could be built into the bath shape and then coated with teflon.
talen, Jan 07 2003

       How about a teflon coated me? No need for soap, the dirt just slides off!
egbert, Jan 08 2003

       But then you'll die of skin suffocation just like that bond girl in gold finger. Dexter tried this in Dexter's laboratory. It was a disaster.
talen, Jan 08 2003

       Not really.
talen, Jan 08 2003

       I don't know. I just like the way it sounds, come on say it with me...Telfon, Teflon...
talen, Jan 09 2003

       The Bond Girl didn't didn't die from the paint thing. Urban legend. (See link.)
cswiii, Jan 09 2003

       NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.V. has lied to me!   

       Thanks for the pointer cswiii, I would never have actually known the truth had it not been for you.
talen, Jan 09 2003

       I love the teflon toilet bowls in airplanes. The teflon tub should empty super-fast, too, with a big scary atmosphere-suck at the end.   

       Btw, suction bath mats probably would stick. But they should be disposable & come out of a dispenser on the wall.
blitzberg, Jan 09 2003

       Humm, how many bathroom accidents a year? Then, after how many uses will the teflon peel off. I think I will just stick to wiping down the bathtub once a week. Unless you can invent a water resistant robot to do it (coated in teflon of course so I don't have to clean it).
spbeaucham, Jan 10 2003

       Teflon isn't tough enough. It would only last a couple of years before it started to chip. Bathtubs need to last 30-40 years. Have fun.
carverdl, Mar 11 2003


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