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A method for keeping spiders out of your bath
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You can always tell when the weather's going to be damp... Yup, you guessed it: Spiders in the bath. Why, those little critter's, why they come in through the bath-overflow looking for somewhere to keep their cranky ol' exoskeletons dry - They suffer from rheumatism just like you and I! -

So why not keep a small reservoir of water (just a capful) in the overflow pipe - it'll act as a micro-moat? {If you like having spiders in your bath, simply exchange the water for silica gel, that'll keep 'em nice and dry and comfortable. Why not spinkle in some dead flys, too for a hearty feast for 'em?}

Dub, Mar 29 2004

It seems Conckers may be part of the plan http://www.telegrap...orse-chestnuts.html
[Dub, Oct 04 2009]

(?) Spider Ladder http://www.foundati...4/spiderladder.html
Cure is better than prevention [pocmloc, Oct 04 2009]


       they come in through the window and leave unceremoniously by the window. sometimes flat, sometimes not, depends on the size...
po, Mar 29 2004

       [UnaBubba ] Then you'd want the micro-moat option.
Dub, Mar 29 2004

       Well, I like this idea. But who'd have thought not voting could be such fun?
moomintroll, Aug 09 2005

       why not just pick them up with a piece of newspaper and take them to the garden? Killing spiders is mean, shall i vote against or leave it?
chocolateraindrops, Aug 09 2005

       I've never heard of spiders coming in through the overflow. Since the overflow connects to the drainpipe before it gets to the trap, the spider would have to get through the trap to get to the overflow.   

       I've always thought that they came in through the window, and were trapped when they couldn't climb out of the porcelain coated tub.
Freefall, Aug 09 2005

       yeah, i was going to say that too- but considering that i live in th uk, i just assumed it was an american thing!!!!having spiders coming out of the overflow, something to do with u.s plumbing??
chocolateraindrops, Aug 09 2005

       whoa a little plumbing 101 here people: All the water goes through the trap. 100%. Overflow and all. Otherwise there would be smells. unless your trap is dry (you'd know by the smell) there's no way any but a swimming spider could pass through it. they go in there really small, come out really big.
WcW, Oct 04 2009


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