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Heavy Soap

No time to work out?
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No problem. Your soap now weighs 20 pounds, so just taking a shower gives you some serious guns. Followed by, (not in any particular order) 10 pound remote, 15 pound coffee cup, a light switch with serious resistance, computer keys that you have to push real hard, and car keys that weigh 5 pounds each.

Instant workout.

//please note: there is no appropriate category for this line of products//

r_kreher, Sep 23 2016

Radioactive Quackery https://www.orau.or...ures/quackcures.htm
Unlikely that any ducks were harmed, but humans certainly were ... [8th of 7, Sep 24 2016]


       Ah, so that's why they put it on a rope...   

       From the title I was all set to hear the benefits of radioactive bath products.
FlyingToaster, Sep 24 2016

       You're about 80 of your Earth years too late, [FT]. Enthusiasm has waned somewhat since the Eben Byers case ...   

8th of 7, Sep 24 2016

       Just glad you didn't plunk it down in "general: other", or whatever that doomed place is/was.   

       I like this idea. I fill my water bottle before every walk to work, each day, and use it as a weight as i walk. So I look stupid, so what. I've got great triceps. Wonderful idea. Anything that gets muscles moving. Yes sireee.
blissmiss, Sep 24 2016


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