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Donut Cork

Plug that hole.
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Sanitary dough or confection-colored cork you carry to plug the hole in a donut.

Applies in a variety of situations: when you don't want to see it, when you are feeling protective, want to protect its privacy, etc.

Comes with string and carrying pouch.

surfish, Feb 16 2005

Donut Cork will go well with meal bag Meal_20Bag
[benfrost, Feb 17 2005]

Timbits. http://www.timhorto...nu/menu_donuts.html
A Canadian invention (?) [Cedar Park, Apr 26 2005]


       Yes, I've always been embarrassed about that hole in the donut...
Machiavelli, Feb 16 2005

       of course, eating the damned thing gets rid of the problem.
po, Feb 16 2005

       So this isn't for keeping the jelly from squirting out the fill hole when you take a bite?
Worldgineer, Feb 16 2005

       Food privacy laws need sweeping reforms.
benfrost, Feb 17 2005

       Are you really 'advocating' butt plugs for pastry?!?
etherman, Feb 17 2005


       what you do with your donut in private...
surfish, Feb 17 2005

       what are you kidding ?
heroofmight, Apr 26 2005

       Will Timbits fit?
Cedar Park, Apr 26 2005

       Due to recent developments in technology I think this is an idea worth revisiting.
CecilL, Oct 12 2005

       Maybe even the Tranquilizer donut as well.
PollyNo9, Oct 12 2005


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