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Drive-thru Food Court

Build malls with a road that goes underneath the food court and has lanes for the different restaurants' drive-thrus
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A local mall with a food court is a popular lunch option at many offices, but here's the dilemma: Good...many different types of crappy food to pick from; Bad...between the hours of 11-2, you're destined to park approximately 2.4 miles away.

The solution: build a mall with the food court in the middle and a road that goes under that part of the mall. Each restaurant that you see in the food court is connected to a windowed alcove below, with elevators for humans and some kind of system for sending food down. You drive into the mass drive-thru entrance and into the lane marked for the restaurant you want to purchase from (say, Chik-Fil-A). The rest works like your average drive-thru. There would have to be a route at the end to circle you back to the entrance, like they have at airports, in case you were picking up food for officemates at different restaurants.

scosmi, Jul 14 2000


       That reminds me of one of my ideas: Drive-through sex-change clinics. I didn't think it merited a post of its own, though.
Ander, Jul 15 2000

       maybe you could drive up, order from a computer screen (like an a.t.m.), and have your order "tubed" to you like one of the tubes at the drive-thru bank line
unngabunga, Nov 29 2000

       This could work.
Vance, Feb 06 2001

       This is actually sort of baked, here in the US. Pepsi owns Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell, and has begun building combination stores where you can get a combo of a personal pizza, a couple of tacos and some wings, all in the same store.
StarChaser, May 26 2001

       Starchaser: I like the sound of that. I don't live in the us but whenever I visit I go to taco bell coz they don't have them in the uk, and KFC coz the us ones are better than the uk ones.
kaz, Aug 03 2001

       People call them Kentaco Huts. Rather nauseating smell inside, I never liked KFC's food anyway, and the combo of hot oil, chicken grease, and taco seasonings puts me right off...
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001


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