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Full Service Caffeinated Donut/Gas Stations
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Dunkin` Donuts overcomplicates things. With the price of premium coffee at an all-time high, the world needs an alternative energy source. Try rolling into your local GoNuts, the full service station for your fuel AND caffeine addictions. Every pump features a dispenser, tied into the pneumatic distribution system, that brings freshly-made GoNuts right to your window (smaller stations may feature stand-alone cooking units). All styles and intensities are available- from Regular, through Mid, all the way up to Ephedrine Cruller. GoNuts are dusted, filled, or laced to order with our proprietary substance blends, and shot to your car in the blink of an eye. Most likely your last for the day.
bricoleur, Jul 13 2004


       So the idea is for caffinated donuts, served in an automated way at a gas station? What would I drink with them? Decaf? What if I don't need gas?
Worldgineer, Jul 13 2004

       This is a means of escaping the coffee paradigm that has a `Venti` hitting upwards of $6 at times.   

       But I`m sure we could pipe some drinks out to the pumps as well. And yes, for firm believers, coffee could be an option. However, it would not be recommended in conjunction with the higher-octane toppings.   

       If you don`t need gas? That`s like saying what if I go to Starbucks but I don`t need biscotti. Merely an added convenience which happens to complement both the GoNut station parking layout and GoNuts` general goal of accelerating our lives.
bricoleur, Jul 13 2004

       The U.S. already has gas stations with names like "kum and go" and "pump and munch". GoNuts would fit right in, regardless of what you were selling. +
sleeka, Sep 23 2005


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