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Loooong Drive-Through

A drive through that's up to 10 miles long.
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The idea is to speed up drive-through queues. The drive-through is situated near a highway and some way before the actual booth you can see the menu. But it's not like a small menu which you have to look very close. There would be big signs with names, prices and possibly pictures of food on them. Also the different dishes could have ID codes like french fires are 1 and big mac is 2 and a large coke could be L3. While driving the ten miles (length devolves on the variability of the menu) to the drive-through you can already decide what you want to buy. And the ID codes for dishes are to send your choice via cell-phone (sms-message) to the drive-through (possibly you couyld pay via phone too). For example "S1,2,L3 K.I.T.T" would mean that Michael Knight wants to eat small fries, big mac and large coke. At the end of the message would be typed the reggistration plate number of your car then so that orders and orderers are easily matched. So when you reach the drive-through you have to stop for a second just to pick up your order. Of course this idea spoils the fun of hearing "And then?..." from the "box".
ove, Jun 12 2006


       Be sure to put gas stations every few miles. Some of these can have mini-drive-throughs, so you can pick up a snack to eat on your way to the main drive through window.
phundug, Jun 12 2006


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