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Dual Can Phones

Create a can phone linkage between modern technology and user.
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Recent speculations on possibilities for the can phone have led to the partial development of a phony telephony accessory. At their simplest these new accessories are can phones that attach seperately to the earpieces, or speakers, and receivers of modern cellular phones or telephones. Thus these can phones pulled taut against the user's ear and mouth bridge the connection between user and phone.

There are many important reasons to communicate through can phones, but these are extraneous to the idea itself, so feel free to stop reading at any time. First and foremost most modern phones can no longer be "hung up", thus speakers of this phrase are made to say something absurd. However, not with can phones. Dual can phones can indeed be hung up when communications end. Can phones also entirely cover the mouth of the speaker when used and absorb most sound, which prevents eavesdropping. The earpiece has benefits of its own, mainly producing the soothing sound of the ocean that is a rarely encountered comfort for most landlocked peple.

rcarty, Sep 22 2012




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