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Theremin Electrolarynx

No more monotone robot voices for throat cancer victims
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An electrolanrynx is a medical device that helps people speak who have had their voice boxes removed due to throat cancer. It typically produces a monotone or "robotic" voice.

A Theremin is an electronic musical instrument that uses two antennas to control pitch and volume. It was often used to create eerie sounds for old sci-fi films, but a skilled performer can also reproduce many of the sounds of a human voice, except for consonants.

These two devices could be combined together to create a more natural-sounding voice, and even allow the user to sing. Making the device wearable or hands-free might be a challenge, so it might not be practical for everyday use.

Electrolanrynxes have been produced that have some adjustability in terms of volume or pitch, but these are limited in how well they can reproduce the full range of human speech.

discontinuuity, Feb 10 2019

Theremin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theremin
electronic musical instrument [discontinuuity, Feb 10 2019]

Electrolarynx https://en.wikipedi.../wiki/Electrolarynx
medical device for mute people [discontinuuity, Feb 10 2019]

Griffin Tru-Tone electrolarynx with frequency modulation http://www.griffinl...Audio-Examples.html
Semi-baked, but it doesn't sound very natural or have a volume adjustment [discontinuuity, Feb 11 2019]


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RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2019


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