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Echo Sphere 1.0

Records and repeats sounds to keep lonely pets and owners happy and for personal amusement
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Many people only have one pet, and sometimes they have to be away from their 'loved one'. It's okay! - you've bought an Echo Sphere 1.0 for the lucky thing.

The round ball of genius repeats any noise spoken near it, whether it's a bark or miaow, keeping your pet occupied for hours with its new buddy. A mirror could be incorpaorated in the deluxe model (1.1) and perhaps an option of your reassuring voice that could be played at random intervals to sooth your pet's worries.

The Echo Spere 1.0 would also give you hours of fun, allowing entertaining phone calls where you could stay silent and let the caller talk himself into frustration....

Caller: Hello Echo Sphere 1.0: Hello

Caller: Who is this? Echo Sphere 1.0: Who is this?

Caller: Jim Echo Sphere 1.0: Jim

Caller: Yes Echo Sphere 1.0: Yes

Caller: Why are you repeating me? Echo Sphere 1.0: Why are you repeating me?

Caller: Aarrrghh! Echo Sphere 1.0: Aarrrghh!


The Echo Spere 1.2 Super deluxe could have an option where you choose the number of repetitions, and have an option to fade the sound away away away away

Hours of fun for you and your pet.

brainsane, Dec 30 2003

Talk Back Parrot http://cellphones-a...m/thistalparis.html
A similar thing in psittacine form. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]

Digitech PDS 8000 "Echo Machine" http://www.loopers-...99807/msg00000.html
Some sort of echo/looping device [brainsane, Oct 04 2004]


       So it's the audio equivalent of putting a released parakeet into a mirrored room.
phundug, Dec 31 2003

       //putting a released parakeet into a mirrored room.//   

       What yield are you expecting the explosion ...?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 31 2003


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