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Lollipop causes beautiful voice

The lollipop contains drugs that coat yur throat for a week that makes vocal cord muscles calm (and quiet), or (loud and ready to go), and stronger (or weaker)
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Say a few words to the phone app, click on "beautiful yet charismatic", listen to the sample. If you like it, put the lollipop in your mouth. Suck, Chew, it doesn't matter. Your voice changes immediately and just gets better and better as the weeks go by with reapplication. You now have a beautiful and charismatic voice.

The ingredients are 47 cents on Alibaba.

How it works.

I think it a person were to gargle with Henna it would stain for about a week.

So, coat your throat instead with transparent henna that dissolves off a lollipop, where the chemical reaction called the micheal reaction that makes henna work is instead coupled to biochemicals. These biochemicals effect the way your vocal cords work.

The lollipop besides having a candy blob made of chemicals it the tip is a 15 cent alibaba laser pointer with a 20th of a 1-10 cent laser mirror steering chip on it. and has a 20 cent camera and 10 cent IoT bluetooth chip. It makes what looks somewhere a barcode and a twister board on the back of your throat with laser light. It is photoactivating just the right drugs in just the right places, and using its camera looking at how much drug has been henna-like-absorbed and where, and to know how much light to use. One the drug mural an the back of your throat is activated, it soaks in but voice change is immediate

candidate drugs include: topical opiate antagonists fluoronaloxone topical GABA decalming drugs (antibenzodiazepenes, wikipedia) GABA drugs like fluorophenibut Opiate peptides topical muscle relaxants (google scholar search [link]) Topical muscle twitch stimulators (stimulants)

(others on request, like peptides, RNA drugs)

I think all of these could be made into light modulate able drugs by attaching light responsive moieties (side groups) like porphyrin to them.

The skeptic might simply prefer the person use a handheld inkjet printer ($53 at alibaba) to have a computer paint the vocal cords with a mural of drugs. You just put it in your mouth, wave it around, and you've got a beautiful and charismatic voice.

A similar product, "Sing!" Gives you a beautiful singing voice. If you are brave enough to sing to your phone or do karoake live the Sing! software and a lollipop can give you a beautiful singing voice.

Translation: You put something in your mouth and suddenly have a beautiful charismatic voice. Option for beautiful singing voice. Technical details about real chemicals, some of them very exciting, available!

beanangel, Dec 25 2020


       [beany], you're drunk. Merry Christmas!   

       The ability to make pleasing sounds with the voice contains a large component of know-how. It's like the fact that you can't make a champion Tour de France rider by applying drugs to someone who doesn't know how to ride a bike.
lurch, Dec 26 2020

       Challenge accepted
Voice, Dec 26 2020

       //It's like the fact that you can't make a champion Tour de France rider by applying drugs to someone who doesn't know how to ride a bike.// - I think a closer metaphor would be to say that you can’t make a champion Tour de France rider by painting your bike to look like a champion Tour de France rider’s bike
hippo, Dec 26 2020

       Ah yes [kdf] - I think you have it
hippo, Dec 26 2020

       I knew a professional international classical singer (the kind of person who would be hired to be soloist on a prestigious opera performance or recording from a major record label) and they always claimed that drinking red wine was good for the voice. I always followed their advice.
pocmloc, Dec 26 2020

       So it’s a choice between swallowing random chemicals ordered off alibaba.com, or red wine?
hippo, Dec 26 2020

       Yes pretty much. But, one has a professional insider recommendation, whereas the other has a speculative proposal on a stupid ideas website.
pocmloc, Dec 26 2020


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