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Full surround overflow

An overflow round the entire bathtub.
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Most modern baths have overflows but these are really suitable for dealing with minor splashes or rises of water level caused by displacement. They are of no use when it comes to heavier works loads such as when you leave the tap on and forget about it. The overflow just can’t cope and then the bath over flows and the water flows onto the flows, seeps through the floorboards and can cause all manner of disruptions and damage. My solution would be an overflow round the entire bath wall. A channel would be built into the wall to carry water away. The bath would probably have to be double skinned so that the water is carried downward and away from the affected area and then down into the ordinary waste pipe. The double skin would give the overflow a greater capacity and the risk of complete overflow would be greatly reduced. The channel could be covered with a small grill so that small objects are not carried down into the cavity and thus cause blockages, such as soap slithers or bits of hair or rings or pencils or bits of Lego. Would could even coat the grill in Teflon so that soap scum doesn’t clog it up.

Mmmm…Teflon… O.k. so I am obsessed with the stuff. But it’s so shinny and smooth and clean.

talen, Jan 08 2003


       Because it would be too expensive and hurt the wallets of the big corporate jerks, whose sole aim in life is to pump as much money from us as possible (note sarcasm)
talen, Jan 08 2003

       talen: I completely fail to see what influence big corporate jerks have over what you do (or forget to do) in the privacy of your bathroom. Good idea, but fishbone for misplaced sarcasm.
DrCurry, Jan 08 2003

       Er, isn't this precisely what they have around the edge of any swimming pool?
egnor, Jan 08 2003

talen, Jan 09 2003

       Wouldn't that then make this baked and thus [marked-for-deletion]?
snarfyguy, Jan 09 2003

       Not quite, since bathtubs and swimming pools are somewhat different items and have different engineering goals. Among other things, swimming pools often have a 'margin' of a foot or more where the water overflows. Adding such a margin on all sides of a bathtub would increase its overal size quite unacceptably.   

       I would offer a somewhat different solution: a bathtub with a 'back extension' to control the sloshing that results from sitting up or lying back too quickly. Since bathtubs tend to get much larger waves along their length than laterally, protecting the end would prevent a lot of water from sloshing out.
supercat, Jan 09 2003

       <Puts on pointy ears and does Spock impression> I am sorry but that statement is completely illogical.
talen, Jan 10 2003

       Too late! I have seen ads for this tub in current (1/03) home magazines. And I want one!
MarinaInMa, Jan 27 2003

       "Wouldn't that then make this baked and thus [marked-for-deletion]?"   

       No. That something pre-exists in some obscure corner of the world is not grounds for an mfd. If it is something that is widely know, and easy to find with a search, then it's ripe for an mfd.   

       That there are no links here demonstrating the existence of the thing [talen] is proposing indicates to me that, while maybe this thing is baked, it isn't widely known.
bristolz, Feb 09 2003


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