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garbage cam

catch garbage thieves cold
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This miniature camera is hidden in an actual piece of rotting, maggot-infested liver. Anyone going through your garbage would stay at a perfect distance from it for excellent surveillance. It can be mounted (stuck with liver glue) on the very top inside of the garbage container. With a wide angle lens, you can watch perpetrators and even thieves, raccoons, common trash pickers (well, garbage men for that matter). A transmitter built into the device can beam the images to any recording device, or you can watch the action from your bedroom TV. Optional disposable laughing bag of cat litter can be planted deep in the container and activated by remote control. Can be used in conjunction with the coonamoon (see Pest Removal). Also fits most popular garbage containers. Not approved or endorsed by the CIA. (Entry #2)
flerper, Apr 10 2003



       watch the bin men don't go off with your equipment
po, Apr 10 2003

       And miss out on all of these friendly critiques? Nah....
flerper, Apr 17 2003

       Another solution for a problem we don't have.
DrCurry, Apr 17 2003

       Mr. Burns, why would you sabotage the efforts of those who wish to recycle your sofa? Where I come from, Bulk Pick-up Eve is a virtual citywide swap meet.
dbsousa, Apr 17 2003

       [db] you don't get it. Where I come from, we want to WATCH you looting our trash.
flerper, Apr 17 2003

       I just want to know how beaming the images thing works I'll buy one of those beamers.
abadon, Nov 10 2007


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