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Always some dirt you just can't sweep up...
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In today's society, there are a million ways to clean your kitchen floor, and the broom is somewhat outdated. But for those of us you cannot afford these high-tech gadgets to rid out tile floors of dirt, crumbs, and such, there are still five-dollar tools out there called brooms. Unfortunately, there is always a line of crumbs that you just can't sweep onto the dustpan. (I know there are those dust-magnet cloths, but they don't work for bits of food, unfortunately). So I thought, why not make a dust pan with a small vacuum-cleaner slot on the bottom that leads directly up into the dustpan. The suction would of course have to be miniscule, and of course there would have to be a lid on the dustpan, but think of how much time (and frustration) would be saved...
kranedawg, Jun 21 2004

[aeolis14umbra]'s link as a link. http://cgi.ebay.com...2168&category=43521
[phoenix, Oct 05 2004]

Dust Buster http://www.walmart....y=Dustbuster+Vacuum
I'm with [contracts] on this one [luecke, Oct 05 2004]

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       Sure, a little hand-powered thing, like a turkey baster.
phoenix, Jun 22 2004

       Me too...
kranedawg, Jun 23 2004

       why not just get a hand-vac?
-----, Nov 04 2004


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