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Electronic ceiling-tapper

Ceiling-mounted device to train your noisy upstairs neighbors
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This electronic product acts as an overly sensitive person who spends their entire life armed with a broom handle and listening to the noisy upstairs neighbors... so you don't have to!


Mount a device on your ceiling which resembles a light fixture or a large-ish smoke alarm. When it detects too much noise or vibration coming from upstairs neigbors, it uses a solenoid to knock loudly on the ceiling.

Its CPU is smart enough to mostly distinguish normal vibrations from annoying ones, distinguish between sounds of normal walking and loud rock music, etc. And of course the "annoyed" threshold can be changed as desired; perhaps with a timer making it much more sensitive during sleep hours. Also it mimics human broom-handle tapping using varied percussion patterns, etc., so nobody guesses that it's a CPU rather than a human.

For times when manual control is needed, it can act as "the clapper," where it knocks on the ceiling whenever the owners clap their hands. An IR remote control would also be useful.

Switch to "prank" mode for psychological warfare, and let it tap out the entire William Tell Overture, or perhaps the drum solo from "Wipeout."


wbeaty, Jul 30 2006

Knocking door prank Knocking_20door
[wbeaty, Jul 30 2006]




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