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Evil christmas gift

$ 2 for the lexus key that is diplayed on comercials as a gift for someone you love...
  [vote for,

This is a mean spin-off on the seemingly love filled commercials that are shove down our throats during Christmas (making me feel miserable around my girlfriend because I am never buying her a Lexus). This idea is for the Lexus key commercial where people 'mistakenly' place the Lexus key only for their loved ones to find it. What happens next is a steady stream of tears of love and a hug and great sex at night. Small twist in my version. You buy a Lexus key (or a few depending on how many people you want to screw with), under the pretence of visiting a friend just before Christmas drop the key on your way out. on Christmas day someone is bound to find it and assume their lover gave it to them (this could work either way ... so you don’t have to care as to who finds it.. the person who finds it will just assume that it was for him/her [because obviously, they never bought the car!]) the excitement will force them to go out in the cold and look all over the parking lot (unfortunately they will not find a car because there is none.... evil thought... what if they do find a Lexus.. that will be the pinnacle of their happiness.. only to be cruelly deflated when the damn key sets off the real owners alarm!!). Well your friend who sits innocently at home is bound to have a story for his grandkids!
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 14 2003


       it's like when you put a really small gift in a really big box
angrot, Dec 14 2003

       I guess it helps if you've seen the commercial.
waugsqueke, Dec 14 2003

       If you move this to Public:Evil, I'll change my vote to a croissant.
phoenix, Dec 15 2003

       Oh, the Millers have a new Lexus!
Not the Millers. You.
phundug, Dec 15 2003

       <gift for phoenix>
yamahito, Dec 15 2003

       Vote changed as agreed.
phoenix, Dec 15 2003

       I prefer the ad where the wife gift wraps the car in the garage, then the husband pulls in without realising it's there [CRASH!]. (It's actually an ad for car insurance.)
DrCurry, Dec 15 2003

       Have a bun for making dreams come true! HAHAHA - just kidding! - GOT YOU GOOD, YOU F*@CKER!! - HAHAHAHAHA!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 15 2003


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