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Make your feelings known
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Tired of having to smile? Run out of tears when you really have to cry? Unable to make yourself look stern and angry? Having problems conveying your real emotions to someone else? Too shy or polite to say what you really think about someone?

Introducing "Auto-Emote". Strap this useful device around your waist and it measures your physical signs, stress levels, etc to correctly analyse your current mood and emotion. The device then triggers appropriate color changes in the heart-shaped flap worn over your chest, making your emotional state clear to everyone.

baboo, Apr 09 2002

Mood Tie http://www.halfbake...0my_20rage_27_20Tie
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       Please search the archives for "mood" devices. then reconsider this post.
lubbit, Apr 09 2002

       The heart should be on the sleeve, BTW - like the other idea like this
thumbwax, Apr 09 2002

       Add n. Then it will be obvious where the display should be.
neelandan, Apr 10 2002


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