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delayed quantum choice eraser babies have happier lives

conceive a baby in the middle of a time machine, then notice what the time machine did to change the past, modifying the physical form of the baby
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There actually is a kind of time machine called the delayed choice quantum eraser [link]

Viewing either of two different outputs causes the path the photons take (took) to be retrocausally modified to favor one path or the other.

So, improving this you have the photon path linked to donated sperm. If it takes one path the sperm comes out of sample tube, and a different sample if the other photon path is viewed.

The baby is conceived, but no one ever looks at the apparatus to determine the photon's path. The child grows up. The person notices they are unhappy. They then telephone the scientist and have them observe the delayed quantum choice eraser. Then retrocausally the tube of sperm used changes, and at the observable universe the biological and mental identity of the person changes to a different person, possibly making them happier.

As a product this would give everyone the opportunity to have a do-over of their life.

beanangel, Dec 10 2018

Delayed choice quantum eraser at wikipedia https://en.wikipedi...oice_quantum_eraser
[beanangel, Dec 10 2018]


       From the link ...   

       "this requires a non-standard view of quantum mechanics. If a photon in flight is interpreted as being in a so-called "superposition of states", i.e. if it is interpreted as something that has the potentiality to manifest as a particle or wave, but during its time in flight is neither, then there is no time paradox. This is the standard view, and recent experiments have supported it."   

       In other words, this will only work if the universe feels constrained by our metaphors of "wave" and "particle". I'm guessing it doesn't.   

       There may still be scope for a quantum pencil-sharpener, though.
pertinax, Dec 10 2018

       // this would give everyone the opportunity to have a do-over of their life. //   

       No, it will just fork the timeline. It won't affect "you", only instantiate another "you" in a different timeline.
8th of 7, Dec 10 2018

       Reading up on this apparatus, it seems that putting a paper bag over the head of your partner during conception may have the same effect?
pocmloc, Dec 11 2018


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