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dark pink mannequin sleep watcher

intergalactic scarequin
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I saw a dark pink mannequin. it scared me. I was inspired this is the perfect thing to scare away aliens or intruders that may be entering your bedroom at night while you sleep.

This device is a security alarm/scarecrow of sorts the purpose is to alarm, wake you up and phone the police

Its eyes will light up with red leds the system will essentially have a smart phone inside with an emergency phone call capability. it will have some proximity or motion sensor input, plug into the wall but run off of a battery, and should be dressed smartly.

vfrackis, Mar 05 2013

Here is a Pink One half way down http://stylegirljes...ow-eyeconic-images/
the one that I saw in real life was dirtier and seemed more sinister but this one is disturbing too. [vfrackis, Mar 06 2013]


       The nice thing is, when you groggily roll over in the morning to turn off your alarm and see it you will be AWAKE.
DIYMatt, Mar 06 2013

       Great! [+] The reason this will scare aliens is that they are only projections/figments of your mind; so if it scares you it will scare them.
sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 06 2013

       but what about Russell Crows ufo photos Aliens are really real now?   

       Yes the head should swivel.
vfrackis, Mar 06 2013

       This will be one of the first things I steal when I find out where you live.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2013


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