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Geiger gas

Radiation? Where?
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Geiger counters are all clicky and such, but that clicking gives you no clue as to where the radiation is coming from, so you can get something between you and it. New Geiger Gas is sprayed (from a handy aerosol can!) into the region suspected to contain harmful rays. Geiger gas contains phosfluorescent molecules which can be excited to emit visible light by radiation. Now when the technicians scramble to leave the room, Geiger gas can show exactly where those beams are going. Look out! It's like a carcinogenic laser light show! Bring the Pink Floyd and Lead Apron!

Available in Xray and Gamma.

bungston, Mar 23 2007


       I suspect this won't work, but it is a pretty idea. The problem is that a gas will only absorb a minuscule proportion of the gamma or X-ray photons, and hence will not be emitting much light unless the radiation level is huge.   

       A Gieger counter also works by interaction between gas molecules and radiation, but then (I think - this may be bollocks) uses avalanche amplification to give a large electrical pulse and hence a clear "click".   

       Also, Giegers (at least the ones we use) are very nicely directional - so they *do* tell you where it's coming from. (At least for beta - we don't do much gamma so I'm not sure).
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2007

       Cloud chamber?
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 23 2007

       //Now when the technicians scramble to leave the room//

Even better if the geiger gas is extremely toxic: "Get the hell out! I'm spraying geiger gas!"
ldischler, Mar 23 2007


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