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Express Your Love and Gratitude "Big" Day

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A day for people to express their love and/or gratitude for someone in a big way i.e. full page newspaper ad, television broadcast, skywriter, building-hung banner, using the entire population of Australia to spell it out so that it can be seen in space etc.
mrkillboy, Sep 03 2001


       mrkillboy: //...using the entire population of Australia...// c'mon man. We're the most apathetic country in the world. The only way you'd get that to happen is if you (a) imported people from other countries, or (b) got some boring swimmer with the physique and personality of a brick to go on telly and tell everybody how 'dinkum' it is.   

       Personally, I would just mow something onto my front lawn and hope you can see it from the roof.
sdm, Sep 03 2001

       Sdm: How about if everyone was promised a beer?
StarChaser, Sep 03 2001

       To be followed by "Express your hate and bitterness Big Day" for all those that didn't get anything. That should be fun.
Reverend D, Sep 03 2001

       StarChaser: we'll find out how far the promise of cheap beer will go at our next federal election...
sdm, Sep 04 2001

       <Homer>mmmmmmmmmmmm beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer</Homer>
thumbwax, Sep 04 2001

       Okay, okay. Minor spelling error changed. I don't monitor this site all the time you know.   

       By the way, the whole using the population of Australia thing is a sly reference to The Simpsons, where it was a "present" given to Mr Burns.   

       Though [sdm] does have a point. Not even the Prime Minister himself could order me to get my arse off the couch.
mrkillboy, Sep 04 2001

       As it happens, I was at the time reading the episode capsule for that episode when I read this.
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001


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