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Fake Safari

Documenting the most incredible hunt you never had.
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People go on safari to hunt and slay large animals, usually for a picture if not to stuff and mount on the wall. In the interest of animal rights RockCo now offers a wide selection of realistic animals in a fully customized outdoor setting for the purpose of realistic photographs, and at a fraction of the cost of an actual hunt. Whatever your dream hunting situation we can synthesize it. From a raging elephant on the savannah to a giant polar bear on an ice floe we are here to help you propagate that lie in convincing style.

Clients can browse dozens of realistic animals, weaponry, fake wounds, blood splatter appliques, jungle, grassland, desert and northern climate settings with full ability to create the hunting scene of their dreams to elevate them in the eyes of their friends, enemies, or whomever. No ego is too large.

The photograph will faithfully convey your hunting prowess against impossible odds to bag the creature of your dreams.

Extra cost options may include unusual game (walrus, narwhal, Nile crocodile), unlikely weapons (sling, speargun, quarterstaff), celebrity hunting partners (Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Greta Thunberg) and may require extra lead time.

whatrock, Sep 16 2022

Shameless elf promotion Laser_20Tag_20Hunting
[21 Quest, Sep 16 2022]

You will need to provide hunting SWAG! https://www.drseussart.com/taxidermy/
[mylodon, Sep 16 2022]

Time Travel Special http://www.astro.su...ASoundofThunder.pdf
[a1, Sep 20 2022]


       [+] One time travel special please
Voice, Sep 16 2022

       Feebly hoping to avoid cries of "Let's all" or "Make a list", how about adding the Jackalope and the Innawyle Crocodile to the unusual game roster?
Canuck, Sep 19 2022

       WIFRT, I was all set to ride around in the back of a Land Rover, blasting away at fake things.   

       Let's see how closely we can approach this grazing herd of Gucci knock-offs before they get wind.
pertinax, Sep 20 2022

       // time travel special //   


       “Stay on the Path. Don't go off it. I repeat. Don't go off. For any reason! If you fall off, there's a penalty. And don't shoot any animal we don't okay.”
a1, Sep 20 2022

       DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT watch the TV movie (miniseries?) of "A Sound Of Thunder". It is utter crap. Just read the story.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 20 2022

       // DO NOT watch the ... movie ... Just read the story. //   

       True of most film adaptations. It's as if some producer thought "Great story! Let's use the title and some of the characters in a completely different film production!". That almost always comes to a bad result.   

       "Predestination" (taken from Heinlein's "All You Zombies") is the only exception I can think of. The film did change a lot of the story details, but I liked it.
a1, Sep 20 2022


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