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A down ass place to be bringin yo family n' shit.
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A fun filled place for the whole family! GangstaLand is an theme park modeled after all things gangsta. Attractions would be things such as the drive by coaster , where you blast on fools (cut outs or statues) with paintball guns as you zoom by in the car, then "evade the police" through a series of corkscrews and loops, then at the end, when the car stops you have to jump out and run as fast as you can to the exit. The teacups would be replaced by spinna's, tight. The mascot's that walk around would be things like pitbulls, uzis, etc. Every couple hours there would be a giant "red vs. blue" laser tag match/shootout. Maybe even a "Gangstas through Time" ride where you ride in a '87 caprice classic through a animatronic journey from the beginning of gangsta-dom to the present day scene. More attractions coming soon!

Just Opened! The new "Sleepin with the Fishes" aquarium. Admire the beautiful coral growing from fake skeletons, their feet cast in cement. Watch the sharks being fed "rats" live every hour.

Take on the "B&E". Break the fun barrier, and enter a whole new level of excitement with our new coaster doling out 5 Gs(heh). It's easy. Enter the house, search the house, get the goods and get out. Are you the man for the job?

Try out the "Contract Killer", GangstaLand's very first "dark ride". Upon setting foot inside, you become the prey. You know your killer is here, but where. Which will expire first, you, or your contract?

rascalraidex, Oct 19 2007

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[theleopard, Oct 19 2007]


       And all the food outlets would be made to look like crack dens - "Daddy, daddy, can we go and have some more drugs?"
hippo, Oct 19 2007

       I straddle the fence on this one. (voted neutral) I mean its funny to make light of all of the bad things that go on in the ghetto yet it's not so funny when you are there experiencing it first hand. I realize that this is HalfBakery and we shouldn't take things too seriously but if this was actually baked it would be wrong on so many levels.
Jscotty, Oct 19 2007


       I disagree. Grand Theft Auto:SanAndreas is a video game that is pretty much a virtual version of this Gangstaland idea. People play it because they want to be gangtas for a day. Though the game has been attacked for "glorifying violence", it actually does the opposite: Its satirical style and unushamedly immoral missions are a sharp criticism of everything that is wrong with our society. When you play San Adreas you become aware of issues that you tend to forget if you never leave your cozy suburb.
kinemojo, Oct 19 2007

       as [theleopard] points out, we already got one.
k_sra, Oct 19 2007

       Is taking one's kids to the real ghettos not good enough any more?
vincevincevince, Oct 19 2007

       The problem, of course, would be falling into racist stereotypes, not making fun "what goes on in the ghetto."   

       I don't think we're yet to the point of romanticizing gangstas where they can be cuddly, kid-friendly icons. When gangstas are as innocuous as pirates, get that theme park going.
partdavid, Oct 19 2007

       Does it have to be the ghetto? Lets not get ghettocentric with our gangsters! I think that should be just one subsite, like Tomorrowland is 1/5 of Disneyland. I would want to see a Yakuza gangsterland, and also an Al Capone 1930s gangsterland (I think this would be big with the Europeans), and a Vegas1972 gangsterland. Not sure how you would make Russian gangsters fun, but there has to be a way.
bungston, Oct 19 2007

       [Bungston] Thats kinda what I was getting at with the "Gangsta through Time" part. You start the journey going past a old pickup being loaded with booze with some prohibition era gangsta's standing around with tommy guns. Then you move on to an animatronic of the st valentines day massacre, etc. Maybe could even work it out to where they (eras of gangsta) would be different parts of the amusement park.   

       I really don't think race plays a part in one choosing to be a "gangsta". And gangsta's dont have to be from the ghetto. This really has nothing to to with being in the ghetto, its just a mock up of gang related actions and life through rides and amusement.
rascalraidex, Oct 19 2007

       I know a good idea when I see one. Lighten up! Contreversy is good in my book. [bungston]'s got the right idea! Just loosen up. There could be a problem if real gangsters take the place over, though. Still, I like it! (+)
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 19 2007

       M'man ShadowPheonixvelli say, he know a good idea when he see one. Lighten up! Contreversy is good in his book. [bungston]'s got the right idea! Just loosen up. There could be a problem if real gangsters take the place over, though. Still, he like it! (+)   

       against reversey?
the dog's breakfast, Oct 20 2007

       Updated some of the "coming attractions". Included some mafioso type affairs, as to not be ghettocentric.
rascalraidex, Oct 20 2007

       M'man 2fry is right yo. You know phoenix gotta good idea when he see one, so yo ass betta lighten up cause he be readin' on that controversaaaay ane he be down on the bung, word. Chillax, yo. Those gangsta ass bitches might show up, but it's all good this shit's tha bomb! bracket bracket plus! bracket bracket   

       Gangstas don't really wanna take shit over, you know. They just wanna post up and smoke and drink and listen to music and chill with a few other gangstas and some bad bitches around. People see this, however, as "taking over".   

       Oh, yeah, and most of them sell drugs, and all of them have probably considered killing a man, if they haven't already.
daseva, Oct 23 2007

       Oh yeah, haven't we all considered killing a man.
rascalraidex, Oct 23 2007


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