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date line cruise

celebrate the new years...twice!
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Have a cruise ship positioned west of the International Date Line on December 31st. After midnight the ship heads east to be on the other side of the IDL. So the next night it will be New Years Eve again.
the great unknown, May 10 2007

frighter at the corner of the world http://www.courier..../content/view/85/2/
an article about a frighter crossing the IDL & equator intersection on 1800 New Year's [the great unknown, Jun 21 2007]


       I have often pondered why no one has ever tried to stay the same age, (ala the fountain of youth sort of thingy), by living their life on a jet plane, that goes back and forth from time zone to time zone.   

       I'd do it but I'm afraid of heights.
blissmiss, May 10 2007

       You should also be able to celebrate Christmas twice. This means 2X the presents and 2X the cookies!! Woohoo!!
Quaelex, May 10 2007

       Yes, and twice the hangover :-(
colinwheeler, May 11 2007

       I did this in Oz,NSW, Qld border for an hour.
skinflaps, May 11 2007

       Bliss, that may work if the guy is always travelling west to east. if they were at one of the poles, they could just walk around to get the same effect. Has anyone ever posted that fishboner?
the great unknown, May 11 2007


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