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Fan Mine

A rapidly rotating blade around a precious object.
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This could be an element of a home security system. When an intrusion is detected the blade protruding from the object begins to rotate at high speed; faster than sight.

At faster than sight speed, the blade strikes the intruder's hand when they reach for the shiny item.

rcarty, Oct 17 2013


       Perhaps there's a non-maiming application for this tech? Chopping herbs?
the porpoise, Oct 17 2013

       Not inside a vacuum, they don't.
Alterother, Oct 17 2013

       //Not inside a vacuum, they don't.//   

       That would also render moot the other detectability problem, being motor sound. Maybe this idea would be viable inside a largish bell jar, preferably with an airlock to permit the thief to enter.
the porpoise, Oct 17 2013

       What would prevent the thief from stealing the bell jar?
Canuck, Oct 18 2013

       Micron thin blades. No blade tilt, no wind.   

       //At faster than sight speed//   


       "You could tell if you were hiring an experienced Burglar by asking him to hold his hands up." said Bilbo to Gandalf.
popbottle, Oct 18 2013

       //Not inside a vacuum, they don't.//   

       Items of sentimental value should be stored in outer space, where the cost of going to steal them would exceed their value to a thief. It works well with stars.
pertinax, Oct 21 2013

       My daddy was a fan miner. He died of the windy lung.
the porpoise, Oct 21 2013


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